Integrated Wealth Management, an independent financial advisory and wealth management firm, represents hundreds of individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Founded in 1996 by Jim Casey, the firm is focused on helping our clients achieve their current and future financial goals by providing a level of personalized service and financial advice, and by proactively adapting to changing client circumstances, market conditions or tax laws. An unwavering commitment to integrity, transparency, and giving back to the community are the cornerstones of our philosophy.

There are numerous reasons why so many clients trust Integrated Wealth Management with their financial futures, and why the firm has attracted highly qualified financial advisors with years of industry experience. Our advisors work, as your partner, to create a plan that works best for you. The firm and its financial advisors have consistently been recognized for this dedication and expertise (click here to see awards).

Integrated Wealth Management’s independence allows our financial advisors to be objective in their recommendations to best serve you, the client. We have the flexibility and knowledge to match each client’s unique investment goals, values, time frame, and risk profile to a specific investment strategy. Our financial advisors employ a disciplined approach to investing with a goal of achieving your long term financial goals. We take great pride in the relationships and trust we’ve built with our clients.

The information on this website is provided as information only and should not be considered investment, tax or legal advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any type of investments. Form ADV contains important information about the advisory services, fees, business, and background and the experience of advisory personnel. This form is publicly available and may be viewed at or by contacting John Wong at 866-888-6563 or For additional important disclosures please visit our Disclosure Page here.